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In simple words, a domain name is nothing but the name (URL) of your website. No two websites in the world can have the same domain name with same TLD extension like .com, .org, .info etc. Normally, when you sign-up for web hosting solutions, a hosting firm may offer enticing hosting deals with free domain registration as a part of the package too, but it may not be the case with every host.
A domain name should not only be easy to recall, but should be simple to type; just imagine yourself typing in a long irritating URL like the, or and the chances of typing it correctly every time...
If you are planning to launch a website, thorough understanding of domain names is very crucial. At the same time, if you're planning to offer domain registration and hosting services to your customers, you also require a good understanding of domain registration and renewal process.
Once the domain name is registered, it gets included in a big register of records containing other domain names, and this database is maintained by ICANN.

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